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Suicide Squad fails hard and fast

Suicide Squad

Instead of kicking ass and taking names, Harley spends most of the movie waiting for the Joker to rescue her while Deadshot’s story and team contribution hog the spotlight. All told, Suicide Squad is more proof that the DCEU is doomed to fail at the hands of a studio that just can’t get it right.

CSS3 transitions for items with unknown height

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently working on a long overdue update to the Button Man Gaming website, and I’ve been playing around with some CSS transitions for the first time. On the BMG website, we’re working on a new breed of video game review geared toward parents that provides an individual score assessment for […]

Chapter 7: Awakening

Faceless Cover Art

The next thing I remember was waking up in a strange bed. I was well rested; tucked deep under a heavy blanket. The room felt strangely familiar; like a vague hint of déjà vu. A part of me recognized the space as home, but it wasn’t the home I’d been taken from. Instinctively, I reached […]

Chapter 6: The Ritual

Faceless Cover Art

The next morning, I woke up strapped to an operating table. I counted thirteen other people in the room with me. Every one of them clad in a black robe and skin-tight white mask. One of them, a woman, saw that I was awake and stepped toward me. “Good morning.” My body tensed up at […]

Chapter 5: Control

Faceless Cover Art

The atmosphere in my cell changed considerably. Admitting I was alone in that hell hole rattled me in a way that I can’t begin to explain. Even if a part of my subconscious had always known, saying it out loud was…unsettling. When the screams stopped each morning, my cell was silent. It was a stark […]

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